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Newborn Session | Baby Addison

Are you prepared for cuteness overload?!  With the snowpocalypse happening here in Massachusetts, I am sure we all could use a little sunshine;)

Even though I have been looking at these photographs for several days, I still smile at how adorable Addison and her big sister, Mackenzie, really are.  Addison was so excited to have her picture taken, that it took a little while to get her to fall asleep.  She was no match for my hair-dryer trick though!  Seriously – try it the next time your little one isn’t in the mood for sleeping but you KNOW they are super tired.  (Just be sure to change the setting from hot to cold air and keep that back vent clear)  It has worked for me EVERY TIME!

So grab your coffee or tea and take a look at this beautiful family and all the love they have for their new little addition:)

All About The Guys | Wedding Wednesday

There really needs to be a reality show about grooms & groomsmen going to their local “Mr. Tux” and shopping for the perfect tux or suit for their big day!  You know, a sort-of groom version of “Say Yes To The Dress” complete with interviews, behind the scenes, and of course the suspense leading up to the final fitting … (Record scratch followed by a pause of awkward silence)  Ha!  I am just kidding, the last thing we need is another REALITY SHOW … but isn’t it strange that the Groom’s perspective on planning for their wedding seem to be “left out” of the mass media that has become such a big part of the wedding industry?

Every groom is different; some want to do what ever it takes to make their bride happy and so they agree to everything because in their mind, it’s “her day.”  Then there is the groom who like the previous, wants to make his wife-to-be happy, but also wants to have some input on the food or the music (this was my husband) and ladies trust me, this is a good thing because in truth, your wedding day is about you both as a couple!  Then there is the groom who wants to plan, build (aka craft;)…), and take part in as much of the planning process as their bride, which at the end of the day is awesome because that “to-do” list can be overwhelming!

When it came time to select what my husband and his groomsmen would wear for our wedding, my hubby had a simple request, “I want to be comfortable.”  Since we had a casual, backyard wedding, I knew “comfortable” meant we wouldn’t be going to your traditional tux/suit rental shop.  So, Jon and I visited our local J. Crew Ludlow Shop in Boston and selected a handsome navy blue gingham dress shirt and a navy blue Italian wool vest and pant suit.  Obviously we didn’t want our groomsmen to drop that much money on their attire, so instead of the $230 suit pants and $90 vest, they wore J. Crew navy blue chinos with the same gingham dress shirt as Jon had.  At the end of the day, our guys walked away with a really nice shirt and pants that they could KEEP for less than what they would have spent for a rental (this made them really happy!).  Oh, and did I mention that they also had custom made, leather brown suspenders??

I think Jon had the right idea – keep it comfortable.  So here is how this blog post was born, every groom has a different definition of comfort, and so I’ve collected some images from weddings over the last couple of years that I’ve either photographed as the primary or second shot with my dear bestie, Lexi of Lexi Photography.  Hopefully this post will kick start some ideas for your groom and/or groomsmen.  Or, at the very least give you a nice distraction from your everyday happenings;)


Here, classic black suit with a modern twist, the Skinny Tie and Tie Clip.  Very modern, super comfortable, and perfect for a romantic/James Bond kind of look.  I also love that instead of having the groomsman’s ties match the bridesmaids’ dresses, the groom’s tie does.

Another classic, romantic and more formal look is the two piece black tux for the groom, mixed with a three piece tux for the groomsmen.  Add in hand tied bow-ties, suspenders and cuff-links and WOW, super handsome fellas.  PS want a little versatility with your groomsmen pictures – have them all wear matching sunglasses …:)

The 3-peice tux is always a good choice, especially during the winter months!


Top left is a hand-tied bowtie, the other two are pre-tied. 

Elegant affairs typically yield black tie suits, here I love the addition of the vest.

Soft colors, such as this champagne tie, also offers an elegant look …

Gray is another popular color for groom and groomsmen suits.  Here again we have a nice pop of color, tie clip and cuff-links.

I was so impressed with this group and the groom’s idea to have all the guys wear any variation of a gray suit and brown shoes.  Such a considerate groom!  Since most of these guys work in an office setting they all already had a gray suit and brown shoes, so all they needed were their ties (and some fun socks, but we will get to that later!)

Classic gray suit with white or cream tie – very handsome and the kind of style that fits both a casual and formal affair!

For summer weddings, ditch the suit jacket and help your men stay handsome and not be super sweaty for their pictures.  Here I think the vests help keep things more formal, while allowing the guys to be a lot more comfortable in the heat.

I really loved the look of this groom and his men.  The contrast of the gray suits and white ties against the blue dress shirt is both super handsome and something I’ve hadn’t seen before.

You just can’t go wrong with gray and purple, especially in the fall and even more so when it’s a 3-piece suit!

Next up, the blue suit (or as you’ll see further down, blue tuxes!) which can be both formal and casual.  Either way, these guys below look great with their pink Vineyard ties, which matched the bridesmaids, and brown boat shoes!  A perfect look for a yacht club wedding.

Burberry ties with blue silk lined suit jackets, YES PLEASE!!

Okay, now for a groom who blew. me. away. last year!  In all the years I have bee photographing weddings, I have NEVER seen a tux like this – and ladies, these fellas picked out the suits all on their own!  He is wearing a midnight blue tux with black trim and a black hand-tied bow tie, rented from Black Tux – a super swanky and highly recommended online tux and suit rental shop.

Lastly, my final tidbit of advice, let your man’s personality shine through!  Whether it be with silly pictures, superhero t-shirts and/or cuff links, fun socks or the last pictures case – yes, let them carry around little army figurines … because I guarantee there is an awesome bachelor party back story as to why they are carrying them around.  And if you’re lucky, at a random moment, one of them will yell “ATTENTION!” and they all will assume the stance that matches the army guy they hold.  I promise – it’s hilarious!


Flower Obsession | Wedding Wednesday

Your dream wedding venue is booked, you’ve said “yes!” to the dress, you love your wedding photographer and you may have just booked your DJ or band.  Hopefully at this point you are giving yourself some time to breathe, pat yourself on the back, and maybe even pamper yourself a little because you just checked off some of the major players of your wedding day!  Doesn’t it feel amazing?!:)

Once I reached this point with my own wedding planning, I was sitting on cloud nine.  I took a much needed break from wedding blogs and Pinterest and just enjoyed doing my normal day-to-day things.  Then, one day, it hit me … what am I going to do about flowers?!  Sure, I’ve been to over 100 weddings and have seen so many stunning flowers, but panic still set in a little because, well, I really love flowers and of course, like every other bride out there I wanted everything to be perfect and stay within my budget.  Sometimes that can be a tall order!

I grew up with my Mom arranging beautiful flowers in our home where she had her very own flower shop.  I loved coming home from school and watching my Mom create colorful designs with lush roses, beautiful baby’s breath, and my favorite – fragrant peonies.  Sure, sounds like I was half way to figuring out what kind of flowers I wanted for my wedding but since we were on a budget, I had to get creative.  So, of course I talked with my Mom and my florist about my “dream list” of florals and asked them what kind of flowers we could go with for alternatives.  After many emails and phone calls, the perfect list of blooms was created and it worked beautifully within the theme of our vintage-chic backyard wedding.

Along with talking with your florist, here are some things to think about when selecting your flowers for your wedding day:

Soft and romantic bouquets of garden roses to help create a contrast against your bridesmaid dresses.  (J. Crew Bridesmaid Dresses pictured)

On the left the same idea of contrast is applied, however standard white roses are mix with greenery and pearls to create a more classic, modern look.  My bride on the right has achieved not only a romantic look in the variety of soft white flowers in her bouquet, she also found a perfect way to highlight her dress.

Contrast can also be created with the subtle addition of color.

You can also consider what flowers are in season for your wedding!  This will not only help you with design, but with sticking within your budget as well.  Not getting married in May, but you love peonies?  Why not try Garden Roses or Dinner Plate Dahlias?  Or maybe you’re getting married in the fall, but still want a flower that can make a statement … Sunflowers are always a good idea!

Dinner Plate Dahliahs pictured on the right.

You can also use your flower choices to add color to your wedding details.  Below are a few of my favorite uses of colorful bouquets that in some cases add contrast and in others are more monochromatic.  Either way – they are all beautiful!

Thinking outside of the box?  How about bold colors or maybe even consider using paper flowers like the image on the right!?

One style I saw a lot of in 2014 was lush, unstructured, loose bouquets that not only made a statement in their shape but with their subtle use of color.

Along with budget, color scheme, the time of year, and style, it’s important to think about how you want to incorporate flowers into your wedding day.  It doesn’t have to stop at bouquets, boutineers, and centerpieces.  I personally loved how my bride added some lush baby’s breath, hydrangea and a rose to her and her Groom’s chairs at their reception.

Lastly, and this was advise I was so happy I followed with my own wedding – creating highs and lows with your centerpieces.  It really makes your reception room or tent pop and become more dynamic!  (and if you have the budget for sequin tablecloth, I promise you won’t regret it!  The sequins is beautiful during the daylight and even more stunning when the lights are low and little hints of shimmer shine with candle light.)

The Barn at Gibbet Hill | Outdoor Wedding Venue Feature

The Barn at Gibbet Hill is one of my favorite venues!  I am a sucker for their beautiful country setting; the rolling hills, herds of cows, wooden post fences, lush-green grass, beautiful trees, and of course – the old restored barn.  Not only is Gibbet Hill a perfect venue for couples looking for an intimate and rustic/vintage setting, but they also have one of the best caterers I’ve ever worked with.  I say this wish such confidence (and some bias) because Fireside Catering took such great care of my Husband and I at our wedding.  We were married and held our reception at the stunning Fruitlands Museum, but don’t worry, a blog post is coming about how wonderful our big day way!

I’ve had the opportunity to photograph so many jaw-droppingly beautiful weddings at Gibbet Hill.  All of which I was second shooting with the talented Lexi, of Lexi Photography.  If you’ve been following my blog, you know that Lexi is one of my besties and we often shoot together.  There is nothing more fun than getting to that do what you love, with your best friend!  I mean seriously, how awesome would it be if you were able to work with your bestie?!

When I started my search for the perfect wedding venue, I was, frankly … overwhelmed.  It took a lot of creative searching on Google, stalking Style Me Pretty, and looking over other photographer’s blogs to find the perfect home for our special day.  I am so thankful for all of the time spent finding the right place because in the end, our day was better than I could have imagined.  This experience also made me realize how I could improve my blog so that maybe one day, I too could help another Bride or Groom on the search for their dream-come-true wedding venue.

If you like what you see and are a bride or groom searching for the perfect venue for your wedding day, be sure to check out Fireside Catering’s other fantastic venues.  You can get links to all of them here.

Now for a intimate look at a few of my favorite moments of Kristyn & Billy’s July wedding at The Barn at Gibbet Hill.  They had a perfect day for an outdoor wedding ceremony, followed by an intimate reception held in the barn.  Today’s feature is focused on the beautiful possibilities for an outdoor ceremony at Gibbet Hill.  I’ll be featuring other weddings that showcase the barn in blog posts to come.


Newborn Session | Baby Jayden

It’s no secret I love babies – so when I am invited to capture the first few days or first month of a little guy or girl, I am thrilled!   I met up with Carolyn and Gossett a few days after Christmas.  It was a perfect time to get together and catch up!  Carolyn is my husband’s cousin and there is nothing better than to catch up with family!  Here are a few of my favorite things about Baby Jayden’s session:

  • The way he looked at his Mom & Dad, he could melt anyone’s heart!
  • His big beautiful eyes.
  • Do you see all that hair on his head?  Adorable!
  • His cute little toes, hence the family footsie photo;)
  • The way his parents looked at him, so much love!