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Boston Band Photographer | A Loss For Words

If you’ve been following me for a while, then you know that I am not the only creative talent in my family.  I’ve been photographing A Loss For Words since they were {once known as} Last Ride.  My brother, Matty has been rockin’ the mic since 1999, along with his current band brothers;  Marc Dangora – guitar (another 1999 original) … Mike Adams – bass & vocals … Nevada Smith – guitar … and Christian Mullen – drums.  Although the faces of the band might have changed over the years; their energy, commitment, and love for tour has yet to wavier!  With every new album I can hear how far they have come and as a sister, I couldn’t be more proud of my lil’ bro for following his dream and never giving up.

As of this morning AL4W has 26,412 fans on Facebook.  9,760 followers on Twitter and 224,972 total plays on purevolume. They have traveled to nearly every state in the continental US and have gone as far as Japan to perform their pop punk tunes and entertain the masses.  AL4W has 10 released albums, can be found on iTunes, made 6 music videos, and has let nothing go to their heads.  Theses guys are nothing short of amazing!!

Here are a few photographs I was able to capture of the guys just before they left for Warped Tour.


From left to right; Marc, Chris, Matty, Nevada, and Mikey

I always seem to get a cloudy/rainy/cold day when I photograph these guys … but they handle it like professionals every time!My absolute favorite pictures of them, ever!

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