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Who knew a trip to the art supply store, to purchase supplies for our classes, would spark such a long-lasting friendship!?  It’s true!  From the very first day of college, which was almost 13 years ago, Lexi of Lexi Photography, has been one of my very bestest friends.  I’ll admit, having a best friend who is also a wedding photographer has many perks!  Lexi and I often work together as each other’s second shooters, we both have our very own personal photographer who can capture some pretty images for us (check out this session she photographed of me and two of my sisters, they are amazing!!), and we both have someone we can “talk shop” to … over a bottle of wine of course! 😉

Lexi came to me a couple weeks ago, asking if I would go with her to a field in Newburyport and snap some portraits of her with a few of her favorite things.  Yes, my bestie is OBSESSED with pretty dresses, colorful shoes, and all things vintage (seems we were destined to be friends!), so we packed up her car and headed north.  Here are a few of my personal favorites from the session.

Lexi, you’re beautiful … just sayin’!

See what I mean about her dress obsession?!

You’re so cute!

This is what I call “Shmizing” or in other words, “smiling with your eyes.”  Lexi of course NAILED IT!

Yea, we were having fun!

If you’ve had the pleasure of meeting Lexi, then you know how contagious her smile and laughter are 😉

Obviously I said something hilarious here.

My favorite shot from the session!

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