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Cruiseport Wedding, Glouster MA | Cara + Dan

So … rumor has it we are in for ANOTHER storm potentially yielding 12-18″ of snow  Are you kidding me!!??  Don’t get me wrong, I love snow and all the fun things you can do … like make snow angels, build a snowman (or snow-woman), and who doesn’t love an ol’ fashioned snow ball fight?!  But, if you live in the city, you may know why I might be over this winter wonderland we have found ourselves in 😉  Parking is nearly impossible, people all-of-a-sudden forget how to drive, manners are out the window, and don’t even get me started about craziness at the grocery store.

Okay, rant over. 🙂

Today I am excited to share with you one of the last weddings I helped Lexi Photography with last season and honestly – it’s one of my favorites!  Cara and Dan were so much freakin’ fun … head-over-heels in love … and fan-friggin-tastic in front of the camera.  Seriously.

I started the day with Dan and his hilarious groomsmen.  Dan was an image of cool, calm, and collected.  I love this series of him getting ready … I tried something new here and opted to go with all natural light, instead of using my flash to balance out the quality of light.

All the guys had Super Man cufflinks … when I saw that Dan had AUTHENTIC Fenway Park Stadium seats I knew I had to incorporate the two!

Pre-Ceremony toast essentials …

Love this shot.

I think they were excited to see each other … 🙂

The bridal party rockin’ it!

They guys … looking very GQ!  Oh and see that handkerchief?  Yea, that’s another thing I learned how to do last season 😉

The light was so perfect … soft … and you can just tell how much they love each other!  Pictures like this reminds me how much I love my job 🙂

Although I already had some pictures of Dan, I wanted to capture something a little less “traditional.”  I think it worked 😉


Perfect light + ocean side + colorful dock + two people in love = photo awesomeness!


Love, love, love this series!!  You two are just too cute!

Their details …

My Personal Florist did such an AMAZING job with the reception flowers.  I am so in love with the cascade of flowers falling out of the vases!!

See what I mean about the flowers!?  When I get married …

Mr. & Mrs. first dance … so lovely!

Thank you Lexi for inviting me to shoot this wedding with you!!!  I has SO much fun 🙂  Cara and Dan … you rock!  🙂

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