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Happy National Cat Day My Fluffy lil’ Beast!!

Thank you Facebook (actually my cousin Jen!) for alerting me to this amazing holiday, National Cat Day!  Seriously, call me a cat lady all you want, doesn’t phase me one bit 🙂  Why?  Because if you’ve ever had the privilege of meeting our fluffy, full-of-personality kitty, then you’ll know she is the best.  I am not exaggerating.  Pill, (yes her name is Pill … short for Pillford, but I assure you … she is also a pill) was originally Jon’s cat.  He’s had her since his sophomore year in college and it’s nothing short of a miracle that she is still alive.  From walking the edge of a Boston apartment building roof, sleeping on a window ledge with no screen to protect her from a 3-story fall below, to making it known that she is the Queen of the castle to any and all other household pets; Pill is the boss.  I say she “was” Jon’s cat because over the last 4 years she and I have become little buddies.  She follows me around the apartment, rests near my feet while I am working in my office, “patiently” waits on my side of the bed for me to wake up in the morning to feed her, and is always there when I am in need of a good cuddle.  To say I love Pill is an understatement.  She is truly one of my best little friends and I love her as much as I can only imagine I will, one day, love my children.

So, Happy National Cat Day Pilly … we love you to the moon and back <3!!


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