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Hello and Welcome!!

I am so excited to share with you my new and improved blog and branding design!  Folks, for better or worse, I did this all on my own, no designer, no art director.  Just me and my loving family and friends who put up with my constant emails/texts/calls asking them what they thought.  Why not just hire a designer?  Well I take pride in being able to do it myself!  🙂

Here you will be able to catch up on my latest projects as well as learn more about the girl behind the camera.

As a way to help celebrate I am offering a FREE (yes, FREE!!) portrait session to the person who helps me get to 600 Likes on my Facebook page.  All you have to do to win is share my Facebook page with your family and friends and encourage them to “Like Me”.  Then all they have to do is either leave me a comment with your name or post your name to my Fan Page.  Who ever wins the tally, wins a FREE PORTRAIT SESSION!  Did I say that already?!

Here are the details of what you could win:

  • One hour photo session in Massachusetts with up to five people
  • High-Res DVD of all images
  • Online Gallery hosted for 6 months
  • Feature on my new blog

Sounds fun to me!

Thanks for stopping by.

-Lindsey Rae

PS, If you are looking for my old blog, you can find it here.


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