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Maryland Wedding Photographer | Lauren + Ryan

Where do I even begin with this blog post!?

If you had asked me 17 years ago if I though I would be the one to photograph Lauren’s wedding, I would have given you a confused look, in true teenager fashion, followed by an over powering, “duh?!”  You see, if you haven’t figured it out yet, Lauren, myself and a couple other girls were best friends in high school.  From trips to the mall, sleepovers, proms, and of course the ever infamous senior beach week (what happens at beach week, stays at beach week!); we were always together.  As a result I became really close with Lauren’s family; her younger sister Brenda (who I happily taught how to drive a stick shift) and her parents, Bob and Paula (who love me as one of their own, really!  Just ask them 😉 …).  Of course things changed a bit when we all went off to college, but when ever I would go home to visit, I always made sure to catch up with Lauren and her family.

I was THRILLED when Lauren called to tell me she and Ryan were getting married!  Talk about two people who are meant for each other!!  So last month, I packed my bags and headed south to photograph their bay side wedding at the Chesapeake Beach Resort and Spa.

Lauren asked three of the most adorable girls to be her flower girls.

 Stunning and she isn’t even finished getting ready!

Meanwhile, in another room, Ryan was with his guys getting ready.  You’ll see, each one of them lent a helping hand!

Lauren surprised Ryan with a special wedding day gift … and he loved it!

Love this moment with Lauren and her soon-to-be brother in law 🙂

Lauren is such a wonderful Mom and Step-Mom to her boys!  I love that she took the time to get them ready.

The flowers were so colorful and went perfectly with the bridal party’s attire!

The ceremony decor.

Here comes the bride!

I love how happy Lauren is here!!

I could tell a really amazing story about how protective Bob, Lauren’s Dad, is of her … but I think you can tell from this handshake that Ryan knows 😉

Nothing but clear blue skies!


Mr. & Mrs.!!!

Again, love the colors!

Meet Nathan, he is super cute and an amazing big brother to Brady.

The ladies, showing off some sass!

You all are so gorgeous!

Look at these hot tamales!!

love this!

Okay, I am sorry Brenda, but I HAD TO!!  These two pictures cracked me up so much while I was editing!!  Apparently this is their “Elmo Face,” lol!!

Even though I LOVE their Elmo face, I had to have them pose for a “nice” picture.

Another classic … I had to take this.  If you know Lauren and Brenda, then you know this is both hilarious and perfect!

After all the formals were taken, Lauren, Ryan, and I walked around the Marina.  You can tell how much Ryan loves Lauren in this picture.

One of my favorites from the day!

Another favorite!  SO MUCH love going on here!


Who doesn’t love a good kissing picture?!

Lauren!  You. Are. Beautiful.  That is all 🙂

Details from the reception.

First dance as Mr. and Mrs.!

Lauren planned a Mother – Son dance for her and Brady … I love how it turned into a family dance <3

My Maryland people did not disappoint!  I don’t think there was a single moment the dance floor wasn’t bumpin’!!

Thank you Lauren and Ryan for inviting me to capture your wedding day!  It was perfect and so much fun 🙂

Wishing you both a lifetime of love and happiness!!





July 16, 2013 - 10:40 pm

The Bride!!!! - OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! The pictures turned out even better than I could have ever even imagined!!!! And I already knew what a fabulous photographer and friend you are!!!!! They do truly capture our day and you can really feel the emotion and energy in each picture!!!! Ladies and gents she is the BEST PHOTOGRAPHER OUT THERE!!!! I couldn’t imagine having anyone else capture our day!!!! Thank you soooooo very much!!!! Love you Lauren & Ryan (the Harris clan) xoxo

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