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Newborn Photographer | Baby Ella

It’s no secret that I am a little baby crazy.

Okay, okay … VERY baby crazy 😉  What can I say though?!   Some of my very close friends are starting to have their first, or in some cases, second child and they are all just so darn cute!

Little Miss Ella is no exception!  I mean look at her, at 4 weeks old, she is freaking adorable!  All that hair too!

It took a bit to get her comfy and fall asleep, but once we did, the photo props came out and we had some fun!

Even looking at these now, I can’t help but smile … she is just a cutie!

I bought this rose textured blanket and pink cheese cloth on Etsy.  Made for perfect props for this little sleeping beauty.

Oh, hello!

Ella’s protector, Trev HAD to get in at least one shot!

There is no mistaking, Miss Ella is VERY loved!

Ella and her big sister, Lexi 🙂

Thank you Petra, Mike, Lexi, Ella, and Trev for letting me take over your kitchen and capture some pictures for you!!  It was SO fun!!


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