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Newborn Session | Baby Marette

My blog has been filling up with sleepy faces and heart melting smiles!  I love photographing newborn sessions – in many cases I am reunited with couples who’s weddings I photographed and it is so awesome to have a chance to see their family (and their love) grow.  Although I didn’t photograph Stephanie and Matt’s wedding, I was there and it was absolutely beautiful.

Stephanie is one of my MANY younger cousins.  As you might know from previous posts, I come from a rather large Italian/Scottish family on my Dad’s side.  My Dad is one of 7 … yup 7 kids.  Could you imagine raising SEVEN children.  Oh, and did I mention that 6 of them were boys?  Yea – my Grandmother was incredible.  Anyways, my cousins and I are all at that age where we are starting to have our own children and so it will be exciting to see how holidays evolve for the next generation of Mortimers.

I was so happy that I was able to capture these images for Stephanie and Matt – and clearly I enjoyed the snuggle time with Marette.  She is definitely her Mommy’s daughter!  And can we talk about that hair?!  If you look close enough you will see that her tips are highlighted … some people pay hundreds of dollars for hair like that … not Marette though, she was born that way 😉

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