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Support Local Artists | North River Arts Society, Marshfield Hills, MA

I had the honor of judging the Photography entries for North River Art Society’s annual Festival of the Arts exhibition last night in Marshfield Hills, along with Paul Sneyd of Panopticon Imaging and Tony Decaneas of Decaneas Archive.

In a word, the whole experience was AMAZING!  The work was impressive, my fellow judges were fantastic to work with, and the Society members who organized this whole event were outstanding (and very well organized)!

As a photography professor and artist, I think the arts are extremely important to the strength and growth of our society.  Artists help us think outside the box, they show us a new way of seeing, and together, artist and viewer — we promote collaboration.  I feel very fortunate to live in an area where I can literally walk to the nearest gallery,and believe it or not, YOU probably could too!

So, if you live near the South Shore or are looking for something to do the weekend of May 26-27 (Memorial Day Weekend) you should check out the North Shore Arts Society 36th Annual Festival of the Arts.  Last year’s Festival included the work of over 300 artists, craftsmen, and performers and attracted well over 6,000 visitors. Featured events at the Festival include Juried Art & Sculpture Exhibit, Juried Photography Exhibit, Festival Art Sale, Artisan’s Sale, Festival Feature, Food Tent, Children’s Activities, Silent Auction, and a full Entertainment Schedule.  A Gala Reception opens the Festival on Friday evening, May 25, at 7:00 p.m.  Sounds like a whole-lot-a fun to me!! 🙂

For even more details, click here.

Thank you Anne & Mary Jo for inviting me to judge the entries, you girls rock!

And since I can’t bring myself to have a blog entry that doesn’t include a picture, here are a couple I took with Instagram on my iPhone … I took it while at the Met in NYC … that’s a WHOLE ‘nother story for another blogtastic time 😉

On the left, Vermeer’s “Young Woman With a Water Pitcher” from 1662 — My photography is very influenced by Vermeer and his use of light in his paintings.  And on the right, I really loved the natural spot light created by the architecture of the Met and the shadow created.

xoxo – Lindsey Rae











Stamps & Ribbons & Tags … Oh My!!!

One thing you should know is that I L.O.V.E. making things.  Whether it’s a delicious meal or little card to say “hello!” … It feels SO much better when it is handmade.  So, as I was brainstorming ideas for my new business branding, it was really important to me that I incorporated elements that were, well — handmade!  Here is a glimpse into some of my business packaging!  The tag is hand stamped and then embossed so that it is slightly raised off the paper (yes, I personally emboss my own tags, and I love every second of it!!!) as is the “thank you”card.  I designed the stamps in Photoshop and then ordered them though and it was SUPER EASY!!

More branding/packaging photographs to come!!

xoxo – Lindsey Rae

Hello and Welcome!!

I am so excited to share with you my new and improved blog and branding design!  Folks, for better or worse, I did this all on my own, no designer, no art director.  Just me and my loving family and friends who put up with my constant emails/texts/calls asking them what they thought.  Why not just hire a designer?  Well I take pride in being able to do it myself!  🙂

Here you will be able to catch up on my latest projects as well as learn more about the girl behind the camera.

As a way to help celebrate I am offering a FREE (yes, FREE!!) portrait session to the person who helps me get to 600 Likes on my Facebook page.  All you have to do to win is share my Facebook page with your family and friends and encourage them to “Like Me”.  Then all they have to do is either leave me a comment with your name or post your name to my Fan Page.  Who ever wins the tally, wins a FREE PORTRAIT SESSION!  Did I say that already?!

Here are the details of what you could win:

  • One hour photo session in Massachusetts with up to five people
  • High-Res DVD of all images
  • Online Gallery hosted for 6 months
  • Feature on my new blog

Sounds fun to me!

Thanks for stopping by.

-Lindsey Rae

PS, If you are looking for my old blog, you can find it here.


Beacon Hill Engagement Session | Nikki & Tim

What an awesome way to start off my wedding season!  With the weather flip flopping between sunny days and rain, we were so fortunate to have a beautiful Sunday evening for Nikki and Tim’s engagement session.  You know, one of those early Sunday evenings where everyone is outside, talking to each other, smiling, and having a good time?  It was perfect!

We started in Beacon Hill and then walked over to the Public Gardens.  Here are a few of my favorites from our walk.


This should be a giant canvas … you guys are amazing!!

I love the colors in these two photographs.

I love their chemistry here 🙂Seriously Nikki, you’re beautiful!Wowzers with those eye’s!! 

Nikki & Tim, thank you so much for meeting me in Boston for your engagement session.  I can’t wait to see you both in June 😉

xoxo … Lindsey Rae

Medford Baby Portrait Session | Sydney

Okay, I have to warn you … this post is going to make you smile!  I had the pleasure of photographing one of the sweetest, cutest, happiest baby girls at Mac Donald’s Park in Medford in April.  We had a picture perfect day for our session.  Prepare to be happy …Love, Love, Love her eye’sAre you kidding me with this smile?!!?!I love, love, love both of these pictures!!  The left one looks like Mom and Sydney are singing to Dad.  Sydney’s Mom & Dad are musicians, so I thought it would be so fun to prop her in a guitar case … Sydney is beyond beautiful in the guitar case photograph on the right.