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Promotional Portraits | Class of 92′

Earlier this Fall I was able to help out my brother, Matt, with his new solo R&B project, Class of 92′.  It is always nice to catch up with Matty.  He is, for lack of a better description, a rock-star … well, pop-punk star.  If that is the right term, haha.  Seriously, we are lucky if he is home for more than a month.  This year alone he and the guys from A Loss For Words traveled all around the US and the UK with the Warped Tour and he spent several weeks in Japan.  And even when he is home, the kid works his ass off to stay on top of all of the ventures he is involved in.  So, when he and I can hang out, even if it is to take pictures, I am happy to at least have the time to catch up with him.

Here is a quick glimpse into some of the promo portraits we were able to shoot while he was in town. 🙂




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