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Tirrell Room Wedding | Katie + Mike

You spend months planning your wedding and unless you have an in with Mother Nature, you never really know what the weather will have in store for you on your wedding day.   We’ve all had it happen … Monday the forecasters call for rain showers on Saturday, by Wednesday it’s down to a 40% chance and then Friday night forecasters up the percentage of rain to 60% … seriously … 60%, what the heck does that mean, lol!?  That there is a good chance it may or may not rain?

It’s important to know this … no matter the weather, your wedding day will be beautiful and your pictures will reflect what an amazing day it really was.  And as your wedding photographer, who is slightly OCD, I find it super important to bring at least 15 umbrellas to every wedding, because, well you just never know.  The morning of Katie + Mike’s wedding day the forecast was rain, which was scheduled to begin just as we would be leaving the church.  Did that scare us?  NO WAY!

Katie, you were an amazingly organized, calm, and of course beautiful bride … thank you for being fearless and going out in the rain to photograph your formals!  Because of your positive outlook (with EVERYTHING) and your awesome bridal party, we showed that rain who’s boss 🙂  Besides, who do you think was responsible for convincing Mother Nature to stop the rain and let the sun break through after all!?

Not only did I have my wonderful assistant, Katlyn along, but my bestie and fellow rock-star of a wedding photographer, Lexi of Lexi Photography joined us as well!  On to the pictures …

My day started with Katie and her Girls … She and Mike decided to exchange presents on their wedding day and I am so glad I was there to capture it.

Katie admitted that Mike is an excellent writer and his card nearly brought her to tears …

… and then she saw what was in the box!


I couldn’t agree more 🙂 Taken by Katlyn!

I love the shot on the left that Katlyn caught of Katie …

Katie couldn’t have asked for a more wonderful group of girls to stand by her side!  Here, two of them are practicing how to tie a bow with her belt.

You. Are. Beautiful. !!!

Along with her girls, Katie had her nephews near by to add to the fun.  This lil guy is too cute in his suit!

Katie’s dress & bouquet.  BEAUTIFUL!

Their rings are amazing!  Especially love Mike’s Claddagh ring.

Katie, again, BEAUTIFUL!  I believe I told you that you looked like a classic 1950’s movie star, and you totally did!

Love the purple!

I love that Katie had TWO hanger’s … made for fun detail photos 🙂

Gahhh!  You are amazing!

Katie, one word (besides beautiful) … STUNNING!

Meanwhile, Mike and the Guys were hanging with Lexi,  casually getting ready.  Guys are so lucky, haha!

Holy HOT TAMALE!  Love this set of Mike!

A colorful tie, awesome flowers, and a personalized tie clip?!  Perfection!

The invitations.

Love this moment Lexi caught as Katie and her Dad began their walk down the aisle!

Mike loved it too 😉

These two munchkins *almost* stole the show, too freaking cute!

And as if the kids weren’t cute/funny enough, one of the Best Men *almost* lost the rings …err, well, not lost … but they were stuck in his coat pocket some how, haha.

Love the way the crowd responded to Katie walking down the aisle with her dad and love even more the excitement K + M shared as they were announced Mr. & Mrs.!!

Pure happiness.

K+M’s Flower Girl and Ring Bearers

Meet Katie + Mike’s AMAZING Bridal Party 🙂

Lexi caught this lovely shot of the girls.

You all are so gorgeous!

Love this shot of the guys … so handsome!

I also loved that they all knew how to have a good time 😛

Seriously you two, could you be any hotter?!


You’re pretty … 🙂

Seriously Katie!?  You’re amazing and I love these pics Lexi took of you!

One of my favorites from the day, but trust me, you’re about to see a lot more!


So happy we were able to get a picture will their son Belly, an adorable English bull-dog!

This is what love looks like, seriously!

Another favorite …

Katie kicked her foot up all on her own and I love her for it!


One thing I enjoy about having a second (and sometime a third!) shooter is all the different angles you can get.  On the left is Lexi’s shot, and on the right, mine.

My ultimate favorite from the day!  Seriously, I may even order a wall canvas print of this for my office so future clients can see how cute K+M are 😉



Did I mention that Katie is a nurse and Mike is a Firefighter, too perfect, right!?

Instead of traditional numerical table assignments, Katie and Mike opted to assign tables with meaningful numbers …

Let the party begin!

Thank you, Katie and Mike for inviting us to capture your wedding day!!  To say we had an amazing time with you, your family and your friends would be a giant understatement!

Wishing you both a lifetime of love and happiness,

Lindsey Rae

Dress Designer Paloma Blanca

Bridal Boutique Terrys Bridal

Bridesmaids’ Dresses Alfred Angelo

Hair & Makeup Hair Jill Farrar

Flowers Alicia Walsh

Cake Maureen Fagan

Caterer Tirrell Rom

Band Scooby Snax

Video  Michelle MacNamara

May 15, 2013 - 10:06 pm

Chelsea - These pictures are amazing! I have to admit, standing in the rain, with the wind ruining our hair, I didn’t not expect such fantastic photos! You (and your crew) beautifully photographed an amazing day with wonderful detail and creativity. You truly captured Katie and Mike (and all their special moments) in a way that words would fail to describe. So, even though I looked at you like you had three heads when you told the girls to be “sassy”, if this is the product, I will absolutely be adding some “sass” to my everyday life!

Great work, Lindsay, Katlyn, and Lexi!

May 16, 2013 - 1:24 pm

Katie - There aren’t enough words to say how much I LOVE these pictures! You captured our happiness and love in the perfect ways! You were great when it rained, you were right…the colors pop with a little fogginess 🙂 Lexi and katlyn were great to work with too!

Honestly, thank you! We cannot stop talking about how great these came out!

May 21, 2013 - 8:42 pm

Julie - These pictures are absolutely incredible. I’m with Chelsea about the rain and the wind, but they look gorgeous and the fun loving personalities of Mike and Katie jump out of the pictures. Love how each and every moment was captured.

May 22, 2013 - 5:45 pm

Jen - I decided to visit Lindsey’s page today for fun and look at some of her recent wedding photos. I just want to say, as a bride worried about the rain this weekend, that your photos have completely put my mind at ease. These could not be more gorgeous!!! Everything about them is perfect. It looks like you both had an absolutely beautiful wedding day 🙂

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