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What to Expect

.::Modern Romance ::: Vintage Flare ::: Artistic Eye ::: Candid Emotion ::.

That’s what you get with me!  I am a hopeless romantic with a love of capturing nostalgic moments of you, and for you.

I was professionally trained and artistically inspired at The Art Institute of Boston, where I earned my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Photography.

I work very unobtrusively to ensure every look, every smile, every emotion — is real.

As your photographer you can rest assured that your photographs will be beautiful, magazine-quality images that portray true emotion.  My process doesn’t end there.  After the photographs are taken I bring them back to my studio and ensure that each one is polished and perfect.  I also add creative edits to some of your pictures to highlight the story and mood of your day.

Planning a wedding or any kind of photography session for that matter can be overwhelming.  It is my goal to walk you though the entire process — start to finish.  Feel free to contact me and ask questions, I ‘m here to help.

Be sure to check out the About Me section to learn more about the girl behind the camera.


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